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What is Zurich doing for Circular Economy?

by Cecille Tabuena on December 09, 2019

Earlier last November, our founder Edwina has received an invitation to be part of the guest panelist to discuss Circular Economy as a key topic in Zurich and see what the industry is doing in Switzerland in general for making fashion circular. 


The event was indeed very insightful because Good Brand Guru invited big brands such as Patagonia, VF Corporation, Nudie Jeans, Calidas, Wolford and C&A Foundation in the event. And because our founder is a believer of this topic, our sister company, PHOENXT (, also got to glory from this event. This event gathered more than 50 fashion professionals together to explore hot topics and key issues in the industry. 


For those of you who are interested in this topic, some key takeaways from this session that we should learn:

1. It is important to work in collaboration with fashion and textile manufacturers from the start

2. Brands tend to design for performance, comfort and style. If this method is changed, they have to compromise some of these functions and selling points, it will directly impact overall sales performance and brand image

3. The challenge to design with circularity is to use the same fibre through out the entire garment, from zipper, fabric, insulation all the way to button and thread just like Napapijir. This will drive significant product cost per piece, which consumer might have yet to switch in their mind because they look at their pocket when they shop.

4. Although some technology might be able to solve some textile waste issue, a lot of other complex mixtures have yet to have a solution. So, if you look at the recycling plastic case, not all plastic are made for recycling in mind. They are all for one off usage. Hence, it is essential for us to start shifting our mindset to circularity when we produce and make products in order for them to really be recyclable.


For more information about this event, please click here to check it out.