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Vivify Textiles' Loyalty Program is designed to reward you and all our existing customers to access more discount and vouchers when you shop with us each time. Every dollar you spend with you, you will be earning 10 points which you can turn them into discount or vouchers in your next purchase once you have accumulated them.  


To earn points, you may simply: 
1. sign up to our Loyalty program,
2. give us referral to your friends and family
3. give us your birthday for surprises from us
4. purchase with us


Once points are earned, you can cover them into different discount or vouchers to your next purchase without asking us to give you direct discount. 


This is just as SIMPLE as that!


To register, please click on the pink"Earn Rewards" button at the bottom right of your screen, fill out the details and you are all set! 


You can also simply see your rewards and points when you log back in with us and see how you would like to spend them. For more information, please check out the following video. 


Happy Shopping!