Our Vision and Value

Our vision is to encourage upto 50% garments made in the market are made from sustainable fabrics. We want to be a market leader of Sustainable Fabrics supplier in fashion industry to deliver and extend Sustainable Solutions to consumers' everyday life.

At Vivify Textiles, we value simplicity, innovation, creativity and customised solutions. We encourge to have a solution based, innovative and "open for feedback" corporate culture that can create win-win solutions for our customers.

We value our customers. Hence we are trained to listen and build first-class relationships with our customers to provide excellent standards of service and client satisfaction.

Our Mission and Belief

Our mission is to build a sustainable business model, and to help businesses achieve their Corporate Social Responsibilities and Environmental Objectives through using our Sustainable Fabric. Because:

1. we believe everyone should benefit from sustainable fashion through alternative environmental fabric productions;

2. we believe everyone should deserve to contribute to sustainable fashion through supporting the consumption in products such as REPET (recycled polyester), recycled cotton, Econyl etc;

3. we believe everyone should benefit from sustainable clothing pricings when sustainable fabrics meet economic of scale.

Hence we are tasked to educate you and the public for the wonderful future that we both can be a part of if we start to use sustainable fabrics NOW.

The Problem and why we exist



Vivify Textiles aims to save the environment from overflowing landfills by creating environmental solutions and sustainable fabrics that are produced from fabric waste, PET bottle waste, ghost fishing nets, etc.

We collaborate with industry leaders to identify cutting edge renewable textile technologies and implement processes and methods to reduce, reuse, recycle our existing waste (e.g. fabric waste or PET waste) into textiles. In doing so, we make sustainability accessible for fashion brands and high volume apparel businesses to contribute.

We aim to choose the highest quality sustainable fabrics to best meet your everyday business needs. We offer a range of weaves and knitts, textures, and functions. Our textiles are suitable for various garments such as T-shirts, blouses, formalwear, activewear, etc. We also offer customized textile solutions for our clients, which included custom material composition, weaving, dyeing, printing, coatings, and finishing. We offer the knowledge and expertise to provide expert consultation and recommendations to help you produce the perfect material for your needs.

Contact us today to begin creating something perfect. If our number is busy, please give us a call back again or simply fill in the Spec Form and send us your inquiries. 


How we see sustainability

Having worked with and listened to our clients around the world, we have developed a comprehensive vision of sustainability based on their feedback.

For us, sustainability means reducing waste, water consumption, and chemical and pesticide use, as well as ending practices that harm those who produce our clothes. Hence we have developed a recycled range to reduce waste, an organic range to reduce chemical and pesticide use, and a natural range to reduce water consumption. All of our producers are certified by either GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX 100, or Blue Sign depending on the textile, ensuring sustainable production practices and ethical working conditions.

 For more information, please see our blog about What is Sustainable Fashion


Story about Us

From the first moment of Vivify Textiles' founding, the journey has been amazing! Below you can follow our journey, track our milestones so, and see what wonderful things we have achieved!


Vivify Textiles Milestones