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Welcome to the Ethical Fashion Room, a place to hear and learn from the industry's trailblazers, leading professionals, and innovators as to how they navigate the sustainable fashion world. Whether you are looking to build your brand, learn more about the sustainable fashion industry, or hear from industry specific leaders, the Ethical Fashion Room has something to offer!

Season 1 

Episode 3

In this episode our season 1 EFR hosts Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang discuss a wide variety of elements within the textile and fashion industry. They go over the sequence of developing products, specification sheets, the patenting process, navigating cultural differences and how to build your brand. Tune in to hear their thoughts! 

Episode 4 

Join Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang as they discuss how customization and personalization can have an impact on the fashion industry. By examining the growing trend in sustainability and personalization, they analyze the history and future of fashion and textile design, the importance of social media, and designing manufacturing processes that meet your brand’s needs. 

Episode 5 

In this EFR Episode, Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang have a very interesting conversation about sustainable fabric and how it can be defined and applied. Sustainable fabric can be broken down into three main categories; recycled, organic, & natural. How sustainability is defined however is ambiguous and redefined by many. This episode will go over the elements of sustainable fashion and the cost-benefit balance of each element. 

Episode 6

Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang bring on esteemed guest Kate Berry to go over and help everyone understand the OECOTEX 100 certification and the impact this certification can have for a brand. This episode is part of a continued discussion begun in episode 5 in understanding sustainable fashion and transparency in the supply chain. 

Episode 7

Interested in understanding textile certifications? In this EFR episode Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang interview Lina Pfeifer as they discuss the GOTS standard certification, a sustainable and socially conscious textile certificaiton, and what the process looks like to achieve it. 

Episode 8

In this EFR Episode hosts Julia Van Der Sommen and Edwina Huang are joined by Zuhal Kuvan Mills, designer and founder of Green Embassy as well as the founder of Eco Fashion Week Australia. They go over how Zuhal got involved in the sustainable fashion industry, how she built her brand, and why she decided to create Eco-Fashion Week Australia.

Episode 9 

Join Julia, Edwina, and guest Bethany who works for Good On You, an online database that ranks brands on their sustainability practices. In this episode they will discuss the impact of the fashion industry on the environment, the rise in ethical and sustainability practices, the importance of transparency in the supply chain and the role Good On You can play in achieving sustainability. 

Episode 10 

This EFR episode features sustainable fashion blogger Kasi martin. Kasi writes about sustainable fashion in order to raise awareness with mainstream consumers. This episode offers an opportunity to discover the American sustainable perspective and how sustainable fashion brands can work with fashion bloggers to further their goals.

Season 2 

Episode 1

In this EFR episode, we are honored to have Roxane Horton from Peppermint Magazine who talks about her experience running a sustainable brand, working with social media influencers/marketers, how the industry has evolved, what she has learned from the Sustainable fashion​ industry, and much more. 

Episode 2

Hear from Gordon Ranouf CEO of Good On You, an organization that critically analyzes brands on their sustainability practices and ranks them to help people find the sustainable brands that meet their needs. In this episode we discuss the criteria for sustainability and how brands can improve to be more environmentally and socially ethical. 

Episode 3

Join us as we hear from Lisa Lang, a female tech mogul and entrepreneur who's founded three innovative, creative fashion businesses. We discuss her experience breaking into the industry combining fashion and technology, her tips on how to build your tribe and much much more. 

Episode 4

In this EFR episode, we proudly present Edwina Huang - Co-founder and CEO of PHOENXT, a bridge between end of life cycle textiles and raw material supply, creating new materials from the existing waste without extracting more natural resources. This episode will showcase her journey and inspiration, and tips on creating the brand, Her thoughts about regenerative fashion and The upcoming future of PHOENXT. 

Episode 5

We are delighted to have Dr. Gabriella Walek - president of the National Fashion League Hungary Association to speak with us in this EFR episode. Through this 0rganization, she helps its members, promoters and collaborators find more opportunities to increase their sustainable​, ethical​ and environmental​ awareness in fashion with its extensive network of producers, buyers, experts of this field. She is also the country coordinator for Fashion Revolution where she was able to invite the founder to her event, highlighting the work and trend, and what this means to the fashion industry. In this episode we will discuss her role at Fashion Revolution, Her opinions on the current fashion trends, how COVID-19 has impacted the sustainable fashion industry and her tips on creating a sustainable fashion brand. 


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