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EFR Season 2 Episode 6: Tanja Schlager, Haelixa

by Edwina Huang on July 08, 2021

In this EFR episode, we are honoured to have Tanja Schlager - Director of Marketing from Haelixa who talks about her experience and Haelixa's #traceability technology for the fashion industry.

Haelixa’s traceability technology enables transparency throughout the supply chain by using DNA markers to travel with a product from its source as it works its way through the lifecycle. Tanja’s experience in marketing and consultancy makes her an ideal person to interview to help us understand the impact Haelixa’s innovative technology can have on the sustainable fashion & textile industry.

This episode will be showing:
- How Haelixa's traceability technology works
- Haelixa's solution for the fashion world, especially in the textile industry
- The impact of Haelixa’s innovative technology can have on the sustainable fashion & textile industry
- The current industry standards for transparency in the supply chain compared to the traditional method to test transparency and traceability
- Her tips for businesses to start in the sustainable industry

And much more. 


To follow her and Haelixa, make sure you get on:
Tanja Schlager | LinkedIn:
Haelixa | LinkedIn:
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