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All our fabrics are Sustainably certified. Usually they all fall in the the following categories:

  1. GRS certified - stands for Global Recycled Standard
  2. GOTS certified - stands for Global Organic Textiles Standard
  3. OEKO-TEX 100 - to prove no harmful chemical used in colour dye
  4. Bluesign - to prove no harmful chemical used in colour dye

GRS Certification


The Global Recycled Standard is an international, voluntary, full product standard that sets requirements for third-party certification of recycled content, chain of custody, social and environmental practices, and chemical restrictions. The objectives of the GRS are to define requirements to ensure accurate content claims, good working conditions, and that harmful environmental and chemical impacts are minimized. The standard covers processing, manufacturing, packaging, labeling, trading and distribution of all products made with a minimum of 20% recycled material. Hence in Vivify Textiles, all our recycled polyester range is made from GRS certified yarn. For more information about checking the certification, please click here



GOTS certification is a  recognised world's leading standard for Organic textiles. It complies with high-level environmental criteria along the entire organic textiles supply chain with strict social criteria as well. Textile products that contain a minimum of 70% organic fibres can only be certified by GOTS. All chemical inputs such as dyestuffs and auxiliaries used must meet certain environmental and toxicological criteria. With factories that are certified by GOTS, it is mandatory that there is a functional waste water treatment plant for any wet-processing unit involved and all processors must comply with social criteria. GOTS monitors  quality assurance system, water and energy consumption of the factories as well as ensuring the production process complies with highest organic fibre standards. For more information, please click here


OEKO-TEX 100 Logo

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent testing and certification system for raw textile material, intermediate and end products in different stages of product life production. It tests for raw and dyed/finished yarns, raw and dyed/finished fabrics and knits, ready-made articles (all types of clothing, domestic and household textiles, bed linen, terry cloth items, textile toys and more).


And it tests the life cycle of the garment if it includes illegal substances, legally regulated substances, known harmful (but not legally regulated) chemicals, and parameter of healthcare. And in Vivify Textiles' case, we only dye our fabrics with certified OEKO-TEX factories so that we can ensure our fabrics are proof to have no harm substance and safe for our customers to use. For more information about checking the certification, please click here


Since all our fabrics have different certifications, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information on our fabric certifications.