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What is Sustainable Fashion or Eco Fashion?

by Edwina Huang on September 11, 2017
  • Ever wondering what Sustainable Fashion is when your friends, Facebook, TV talks about it?
  • Ever want to create your own fashion brand but have a Sustainable touch?
  • Thinking what the difference between Sustainable Fashion and Circular Economy?
  • Don't know where to start and find the right material that is Sustainable?
  • Ever want to learn from others Sustainable Fashion Brand?

Well you are in the right place! 

So what does Sustainable Fashion mean? We have spoken to hundreds of designers around the world and nobody has the same answer for us. However, their value and the reason why they have started a sustainable brand tend to be grouped in 3 types:

  • want to reduce land waste and landfill, support recycling
  • want to have production process with no/low environmental impact i.e. no chemical or pesticide
  • want to reduce water consumption

And this has really concluded the different views on what Sustainable Fashion means to us. But what does it really mean to manufacturing and to supply chain? 

You might also heard of some "green-wash" stories. We are referring to factories that claims to use "Sustainable fibre" but at the back they don't dye material sustainably. So what is the point to claim a glass of water is clear when you drop some ink in it?

Hence after working with Sustainable fibre so intensively in the past few years, we find that it is extremely important to adopt sustainable practice from the root. This means where the material/textiles is made or weaved from certified sustainable fibre such as Recycled Polyester, Recycled Nylon, Organic Cotton, Organic Silk, Tencel, and dye the material in the sustainable standard, which means no harmful chemical back to our mother earth. Hence with Vivify Textiles, we have adopt our dye our using OEKO-TEX 100 or Bluesign Certified dye. Not only you have no harmful chemical used close to your skin, but factories that practices this dye method only use environmentally friendly dye.

But it doesn't just stop here. To look at the bigger picture, we need to look at beyond the materials and industry practices, we need to understand the core issue behind the current fashion industry - the impact of textile landfill. Hence after working years in the Sustainable Fashion Industry, Sustainable Fashion can happen when: 

  • Reduce Environmental Impacts (waste, chemical, water consumption etc)
  • Encourage Social Impacts (fair trade, fair working condition, no child labor etc)
  • Improve Production Practices (recycling facilities, organic or less harmful practices, transparency etc) 

Circular Economy

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