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#WarOnWaste - What does fabric waste mean?

by Edwina Huang on October 01, 2017

*Source quoted from ABC TV "War on Waste" 2017

Really how serious is this problem? 

Did you know that Australia can create 36 tonnes of fabric waste every 1 hour? On the 16th October, Vivify Textiles has been kindly invited to QUT's War on Waste Event to talk about how serious this issue is. 


We have been so honor that our Founder Edwina will be presenting this issue and how it impacts us all around the world. In this event, she will be highlighting:

  • What the current waste issue is and how it is impacting human health
  • What Sustainable Fashion is
  • What Circular Economy is
  • And how Sustainable Fashion correlate to Circular Economy
  • How we can use recycled textiles to build a Circular Economy

Although this is an Private Event with "Invitation Only", we are very excited to have partnered with QUT to make this issue more aware and find a solution moving forward. For more information, please sure you stay tune on our social media channels on our Facebook page, Linkedin Page, and Twitter!