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Unique Ideas to help Families Celebrate Easter during the Coronavirus Pandemic

by Apollo Theme on April 10, 2020

We pray that the coronavirus (COVID-19) will be under control so we can all be together with our family just in time for Easter. However, we must prepare now in case we aren’t able to have Spring celebrations, Easter Egg Hunts, and Worship with children and their families. Here are a few unique ideas and resources to help equip families to celebrate Easter.


  • “The Jelly Bean Prayer”

         Send an email “The Jelly Bean Prayer” with a designated color jelly beans             to each family member for each and everyone to enjoy.


  • Zoom Party with a Resurrection Egg

    Send 12 children one of the Resurrections Eggs and have a Zoom Party. At the appointed time, you ask each child to open the correct egg and tell the Easter story as you go.


  • Make a Scavenger Hunt Worship activity via Facebook Live

    If you’re into a Kids Worship on Facebook Live or some other platform, send parents some plastic eggs with Scripture verses inside and ask them to save it until time for Worship and then begin hiding the eggs while their child is participating in Worship. Each verse should be in a specific color egg. 

  • Recommend Books to Read as a Family

    There are a lot of great books you can suggest for families to read together during this season.


  • Write a Thank You Note for Jesus

    Encourage children to write a thank you letter to Jesus for what He did when died on the cross for us.