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Innovation in the Circular Economy

by Edwina Huang on November 23, 2020

credit to Amber Schmaling


Not only does the environment demand fashion to be more circular and sustainable, but the resulting innovation is exciting and presents a multitude of opportunities. Simply put by Olga Algayerova, Executive Secretary of the UNECE, “the circular economy is a compulsory choice for a sustainable world.” The advancement of the sustainable fashion industry is heavily reliant on this idea of the circular economy, in which a regenerative system exists to cycle raw materials through the production process for as long as possible. There are many key innovating companies in the field, including Phoenxt, Evrnu, Renewcell, Tyton BioSciences, Infinited Fiber, and Worn Again. Alongside these companies is ethical fashion leader, Gordon Renouf. He pioneered Good On You, an app that utilizes a sustainability rating to help consumers make more informed decisions.



Phoenxt, sister company to Vivify Textiles, has made massive strides toward achieving a sustainable, environmentally-conscious textile production process. Through Phoenxt’s use of a revolutionary, solvent-free fibre separation technology, the company is able to create new materials from existing waste without utilizing more natural resources. 



Similar to Phoenxt, Evrnu has a mission of creating a circular ecosystem. With NuCycl, a process invented by Evrnu, the brand is able to eliminate waste by enabling new products to be made from discarded clothing. Not only does this process greatly contribute to the circular economy, but it provides consumers with an interesting piece of knowledge that their used clothing could live on forever. 



With the topic of turning old fabrics into new fibers, Renewcell’s process for turning used cotton and other natural fibers into a biodegradable raw material impressively closes the loop. Coined “Circulose,” the process allows Renewcell customers to proudly purchase high quality, sustainable material that can be used to make biodegradable virgin quality viscose or lyocell textile fibers. 


Tyton BioSciences

Taking a scientific approach to closing the loop of the circular economy, Tyton BioSciences presents unique solutions for generating value with used materials with no environmental costs. At Tyton, fibers are recycled using water as a solvent, meaning their process is incredibly clean and eco-friendly.


Infinited Fiber

 At Infinited Fiber, similar processes are being undertaken to reach the common goal of reducing the adverse environmental impacts that fashion can have. Under the three step process of separating the fiber, turning material into liquid, and turning liquid into fiber, quality fibers can be created without the need for new virgin materials


Worn Again

Replacing the use of virgin materials and instead increasing the capture of raw materials from non-reusable products is the primary mission of Worn Again. To propel themselves and the industry toward a future of sustainable fashion, Worn Again utilizes technologies to convert polyester and polycotton blended textiles and PET plastic back into their circular raw materials. By extracting polyester and cellulose from cotton from non-reusable textiles and polyester bottles, sustainable resources are pushed back into supply chains, creating an innovative solution for addressing products that are not necessarily environmentally-friendly. 


Good On You app

In this fast-paced, exciting environment of working toward sustainable fashion through enhancing the circular economy, Gordon, leader in the ethical fashion field, has found a way to relay information to consumers through his app, Good On You. The essence of the Good On You mobile application is to provide consumers with the knowledge necessary to make informed consumption decisions. As hinted at in a previous post, there are many sources that are either not credible or omit the full truth about product sourcing. However, the Good On You mobile application seeks to serve as the one-stop-shop for credible topics on sustainable fashion.


As Vivify Textiles envisions a world without waste, collaborating with and learning from leaders in the field allows for continuous improvement in closing the loop of circular fashion. Given our dedication to providing high-quality, sustainable textiles, we were delighted to have Gordon discussing his mobile application and topics related to innovation in sustainable fashion on Vivify Textile’s podcast, Ethical Fashion Room. Be sure to follow the link to learn from Gordon, a revolutionary voice in the study of sustainable fashion!