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For our Special Customers and Audience, we are about to launch Ethical Fashion Room Podcast! We are super excited about this.

In this Podcast, we will be talking to different industry leaders in the Sustainable Fashion Business, getting their insight on brand building and sharing tips and criteria on how to create a Sustainable Fashion brand. We get to talk with Sustainable Certifications such as OEKO-TEX, GOTS to give us the in depth understanding their sustainability criteria and why we should need them. 

We also get to interview Fashion Blogger, Organiser of Eco-Fashion Week Australia and other thought leadership to share their experience on how we can work more closely together.

And for you, we have made this as an exclusive offer for you... FREE. 

Yes, you have heard us right. We offer all this insight to you FREE. All you have to do is to click on this link and sign up for this exclusive offer. 

Want to talk to us and tell us who you would like to hear from? We have a form for you to fill in at the website that we get to hear your feedback.  

Above all, we would to make the Sustainable Journey as enjoyable for you as possible. Don't feel that you are alone, we have a whole tribe for you to join and share knowledge. 

Check out our Podcasts here , or check out the EFR Podcast tab


Online Course Launching Soon!

We are launching a new online course where everyone can learn everything about the sustainable fashion industry all in one place! This course aims to educate and bring awareness about sustainable products and the fashion industry using resources from our Ethical Fashion Room. This online course was created for people who are interested in the sustainable fashion industry that want to improve their knowledge on fashion, sustainability, and ethics. Our Ethical Fashion Room is an online course that brings different topics on an all-in-one platform for everyone to learn comfortably from anywhere.  


  • Get knowledge and listen to the views/opinions from the top professionals in sustainability of the fashion industry. 
  • Get the latest information and trends on the sustainable fashion industry. 
  • Utilise this knowledge for your own journey.
  • A holistic approach to understanding the sustainable fashion industry.



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