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Circularity in Australia

by Cecille Tabuena on April 09, 2018

In March 2018, we had the honor to be invited by the organiser of Australian Circular Fashion, Camille Reed to present ourselves as Round Table Expert, representing the Sustainable Textiles Industry. 

Australia Circular Fashion Conference

Vivify Textiles in Australia Circular Fashion ConferenceBack to ACF, there were more than 20 experts from the industry sharing their knowledge and insight about innovation and development in the space, more or so the collectivism needed within the industry and impact that we were not aware of. Over 200 participants of the events from both the fashion (e.g. General Pants, Country Road, Forever New, Kmart, Target etc) and corporate industry (Australian Post) to make their appearance to support the call of action. This event is truly one of the kind in Australia. In the past, there has always been events like this in Europe. Not to mention the biggest Sustainable Fashion Event in the entire planet is Copenhagen Fashion Summit, but there have been also lots of other similar events organised independently such as Global Sustainable Fashion Week Budapest, Eco-Fashion Week Australia etc. And in the past 1 year we had the honor to be invited as guest speakers in all these events! This has truly been a great experience from us. 


Australia Circular Fashion ConferenceAustralia Circular Fashion Conference

Jess Miller, the Deputy Mayor of City of Sydney was also there to give her words about the event because the impact of textile waste has truly way greater than our imagination. And different cities in Australia have been united and providing incentives such as government funding to initiate innovation to get rid off textile waste. 

Did you know that Millennial has the biggest buying power in this generation now? According the Australia Post, this generation has also a twist! One of hand they are the biggest group that concern about environmental issue and willing to pay premium for a good call, but on the other hand this generation is also the LAZIEST, which are least likely to take action. 

Australia Circular Fashion Conference

Cameron from GlamCorner highlights Australian Women only use 1/3 of their wardrobe most of the time, and we throw away also most 23kg of clothing annually. Let me ask, how many women do we have in Australia??

But there is hope! TerraCycle from USA has been able to turn wasteful packaging back to new packing again! Recently there has been a Head & Shoulder Commercial done with TerraCycle where they collect beach rubbish and turn in into their bottle packaging. So in hindsight, can we extend this mentality to Sustainable Fashion? 

Australia Circular Fashion Conference

Nevertheless, within this conference we have one collective consensus, that is to form a collective industry body to overlook the Sustainable Fashion Standard and implementation. Much like having the Global Fashion Agenda, be the industry watchdog to reinforce implementation and policy changes. The question is, how long with this take Australia to implement?