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Australian Circular Fashion Conference 2019

by Edwina Huang on April 05, 2019

This year, we were very honoured to be invited to the Australian Circular Fashion Conference to interact with the rest of #SustainableFashionIndustry, know what brands are up to and the missing gaps are in the market. 

Though my time in ACFC 2019 was relatively short due to some urgent arrangement in Europe, I was lucky enough to get a glimpse on some fantastic speakers such as Elin Larsson who used to work for @Fillippa K. 

Elin Larsen

We both ended up having a very interesting conversation about how Sustainable Fashion is "getting married" with Blockchain, and how brands are dealing with #textileWasteManagement.


Elin Larsson with Edwina Huang from Vivify Textiles  

The key take away from conference going back to the issue where SupplyChain traceability is still limited to tier1&2, and so far, although there are recyclingcompanies that take care of waste, they still lack the solution of recycling textile waste without downgrading them, therefore they have limited lifespan.

I can see the industry is now having more and more companies focusing on recycled plastic waste such as PET bottles. Some of them are mechanically recycling, some are chemical recycling and the latest more advance is using biotech and enzyme to degrade plastic. There are now several companies who are focusing on this trend. 

Well who is going to stay till the end? Only the journey will tell. And I sure can see our next company @Phoenxt be one of them!


- Edwina