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New Innovative Fabrics For Sustainable Fashion

by Edwina Huang on February 01, 2017


In Feb 2017, our founder, Edwina, visited the Sustainable Angle Textiles Exhibition in London. And she had some very interesting discoveries!

1) Jelly Fish leather

Jellyfish Leather

This is a very interesting material. And I guess the concept of this suppose to use the dead jellyfishes and use them to make this leather. But this material was also very controversial on the day as everyone was discussing whether it is truly that sustainable once the demand has gone up, and there are limited "dead" jellyfishes available. And then what is next? Hopefully it is not to kill more animal to match the market demand. At the end of the day, we really doubt if this is really sustainable and ethical? What do you think? 


2) Mushroom Leather

Mushroom Leather

This is one of our favourites by far as it feels so soft and nice. This is a kind of wearable material. However if you thinking of longevity of this material, we have a question mark. While it looks cool to incorporate this material in your design. However, we question if this material is washable, maintainable for longer term. However nevertheless this would be a small step to the moon and a big step to humankind history. I am sure we will be able to find more sustainable fabrics moving along!


3) Econyl

There has been no surprise that we have already incorporate some of our fabrics with Econyl. For those of you don't know what this is, this stands for Eco Nylon. I am sure you can find out more information about this here. The concept and the practicality of this fibre is beautiful. We would love to continue working with this fibre. 


4) Recycled Cotton






Evrnu is an innovative new technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create a premium, renewable fiber. More than 12 million tons of garment waste is disposed of every year in the U.S. alone. Evrnu emerged from a new way of thinking about the apparel and textile industry, by textile specialists who love fashion. The Evrnu team is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to bring the technology to a larger scale.