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How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Brand?
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How to Build a Sustainable Fashion Brand?

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We are launching an online course about “How to build a sustainable fashion brand”. Our course aims to educate sustainable products production in the fashion industry.

If you are interested in the sustainable fashion industry and want to improve your knowledge and skills on fashion, sustainability, ethics, circularity, transparency and traceability, this course is created and brings different topics for you to learn comfortably from anywhere!

• Get knowledge and listen to the views/opinions from the top professionals in sustainability of the fashion industry.
• Get the latest information and trends on the sustainable fashion industry.
• Utilise this knowledge for your own journey.
• A holistic approach to understanding the sustainable fashion industry.

Who is this for:
This course is perfect for fashion brand owners, sourcing offices, trading companies, fashion designers, managers and fashion entrepreneurs. It is prepared for learners from beginning or intermediate level who look to apply sustainable fashion initiatives, or include design in circularity and transparency in their brand. Circular Fashion is the future of the fashion industry, and without applying it now, businesses are in risk of losing their valuable customers. Gen Z and Millennials are on the rise of searching for meaningful brands that do not jeopardize their future environment. Thanks to this course you will have the chance to start to integrate your business in the circular and sustainable fashion industry.

How you will learn:
• Everything about the sustainable fashion world where and whenever you are free through your chosen platform.
• Ideally the understanding and mastering of the sustainable fashion industry with our provided content.
• Quizzes after each of the modules to test your knowledge and how you are familiar with them.

What you will learn:
• Literally step by step on how to prepare for your sustainable fashion brand. This course will cover everything from pre-production to post-production process such as sourcing, designing, pricing, financing, marketing, branding, and more. Moreover, this course will be a guide to the launch of your brand and the continuous growth of your business.
• Depth knowledge on the sustainable fashion industry and its development.
• Steps for how to launch and grow your sustainable brand.
• Tips on how to manage your brand online and offline.
• All the difficulties that you need to face when starting your sustainable business.
• How to forecast the future trend of the sustainable fashion world.

Course Length: 3hr 32min

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainable Fashion
• Lesson 1: Fashion Supply Chain
• Lesson 2: Sustainable Fashion vs Circular Fashion
• Lesson 3: Sustainable Fashion Certifications
• Lesson 4: Sustainability Integration
• Lesson 5: UN goals in fashion industry
• Lesson 6: Sustainable Business models

Module 2: Pre-Production Planning
• Lesson 1; Sourcing Sustainable Materials
• Lesson 2: Fabric Defect - Part 1
• Lesson 2: Fabric Defect - Part 1
• Lesson 3: How to verify Sustainable materials?
• Lesson 4: How to turn design into a product? - Part 1
• Lesson 4: How to turn design into a product? - Part 2
• Lesson 5: How to plan your production timeline?
• Lesson 6: How to finance your brand? - Part 1
• Lesson 6: How to finance your brand? - Part 2

Module 3: Production Planning
• Lesson 1: How to price your products?
• Lesson 2: How to scale in production?
• Lesson 3: MOQ challenges - Part 1
• Lesson 3: MOQ challenges - Part 2
• Lesson 4: Potential obstacles ahead

Module 4: Post-Production Planning
• Lesson 1: Quality Management - Part 1
• Lesson 1: Quality Management - Part 2
• Lesson 2: Sustainable Packaging
• Lesson 3: Other things to do to be more sustainable
• Lesson 4: Innovation that can help them be more sustainable


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