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Vivify Textiles is on Channel 9

by Edwina Huang on July 13, 2015



What an honor to be on Channel 9 to introduce our recycling concept and our I'MPOSSIBLE MISSION.  

We introduce the recycling technology in textile industry, using plastic bottles to turn in to garments such as dresses yesterday on Channel 9 officially. 

But this is only just the beginning. Currently the textile industry has yet to have the technology to recycle all the fabrics we have in our daily life. 

And at Vivify, our vision is to turn those fabrics waste back into fabric fantastic. So far we have accomplish the first introduction of recycled fabric to Australia - recycled polyester. 

We really hope that we can continue to journey to explore more recycled fabric options and bring it to your everyday life. And this becomes our mission. To explore, reinvent and invest in our time and effort so that we can deliver the benefits to the communities or to any consumers that have needs for new fashion just like you. 

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Vivify Textiles in with Chanel 9 Australia


Founder Edwina from Vivify Textiles is having fun with Sonia Kruger and David Campbell 

Love and peace, 

Vivify team