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New Bamboo Fabrics

by Apollo Theme on April 14, 2017

Check out the video introduction of the 4 bamboo fabrics we are launching for Easter in the video! And don't forget to place your order before our sale ends on 25th April 2017. The coupon code is 15OFF. 


Bamboo viscose has durability, and has the following properties which makes it a very popular fibre to use:


1. Natural antimicrobial properties

2. Natural ability to protect against UV radiation

3. Pleasant hand feel and smooth surface that does not irritate skin

4. Natural lustre similar to silk

5. Natural ability to prevent odour

6. High water absorbency and quick dry due to the porous surface of the fibre

7. High durability

8. Low shrinkage compared to hemp and linen

9. Wrinkle resistance

10. Biodegradable


Here are the links to the featured fabrics in the video: