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How can your fashion brand contribute to a greener future in honour of World Climate Action Day?

by Edwina Huang on October 25, 2023

Have you ever though of what a brand can contribute toward a greener future other than using or sourcing sustainable fabrics? This has always been one of the key topic within the Vivify team, whether our existence justifies toward the green future, what we are doing this year to be more sustainable and how we see the path forward. 

Of course we are not here to teach, but more likely to share with you what we are doing and thinking about our own greener future as a company to combat with all the bad climate crisis happening the world, the horrible flood in Libya, the bushfire in Canada, the crazy wildfire in Maui/Hawaii, and also the bushfire in an annual basis in NSW, Australia. This topic sits very close to us as we are all global residents, living in this planet and being impacted. So the big question is what should we do to contribute as a textile company? 

1. Creating a Circularity Textile Range

We started our circularity range last year with the aim to reduce unnecessary elastane consumption (<5%) in the textile range. Through our experience in developing chemical recycling technology, we know that elastane (namely 'spandex') is quite toxic and hard to recycle in the chemical recycling industry. That's the reason why you don't hear much about spandex recycling, that's because the low consumption quantity, toxic compound making it almost not worth it to invent a technology that can justify its price and demand in the industry. Hence we have now produced a range of recycled textiles that does not require and spandex but comes with the mechanical stretch function that can potentially replace the need of <5% consumption of spandex.

2. Pushing Chemical Recycling Technology Development to reduce CO2 Production

You might have heard of our sister company PHOENXT. In the past few years of COVID, it has been hard for us to push the development of the technology as the venture climate has been quite depressing. But we do understand sometimes nothing go with plans, and this can happen. Still it doesn't stop us from persevering. And we are proud of our progress despite limited funding available, our sister company PHOENXT has registered its international patent this year. 

The reason why we keep pushing this innovation because we see the value we can add in the supply chain. By taking the textile waste to be burnt or buried in the landfill, we can substantially reduce the CO2 production in the atmosphere. What we need to do is to scale up the technology. And we really do hope that you, as a fashion brand can support us in this regard by signing up as our pilot customers. We want to serve you and eventually help you remove your textile waste more effectively. 

3. Making Sustainable Textiles more accessible to larger range of brands and designers with competitive offers

The past few years have been hard for businesses, and we understand that. As we are in the post-COVID stage, we develop a new approach this year to help customers like yourself to make sustainable fashion more accessible. We believe sustainable fashion will not only be a mainstream fashion moving forward, but a "MUST HAVE" survival label for all fashion business. So if you ever need to develop your brand with the need of our textiles, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a way to help you push through the barrier and stabilise your brand offer in the market. Currently we offer FREESWATCH campaign for the first 30 customers each month, and free international shipping for Sample Meterage over AUD$150. We are indeed working on more great offers for you. Let us be your reliable partners to make your Sustainable Dream come true.