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Econyl Initiative & Production

by Edwina Huang on June 10, 2016

We are so excited that we have visited the Econyl factory! On the day that we visited, we have received much warm welcome from the Econyl team, they have even picked us up from the airport. 

Econyl Factory Visit - Vivify Textiles


On the day, we have been taken around both the waste collection site as well as the recycled plant itself.

Our breath was indeed taken away the among of redundant fish nets were available. But we were more blown away by its technology and the kind of textile products can be made out of it.  

We believe this is definitely a beginning of new era where sustainability, sustainable fashion and its textiles are embraced. And we were so excited to work with this fibre and make sure our customers can get their hands on it as well.  

Please take a look at its amazing journey how Econyl is made from Fishnet, this is the behind the scene story of why and how Econyl is made:



 To find out how Econyl is made, watch this short video below:



So far, we are launching a range of new Econyl fabrics. To shop and find out more, click Recycled to see the range.