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About Vivify Textiles

Vivify Textiles was founded in 2016 by its sole female founder Edwina Huang, with an aim to address textile waste going to landfill and recycle these waste into reusable materials in the fashion industry.

Edwina first came across the textile waste issue when she was a regular white collar worker and overly shopping for nice clothes. One day, she realised there was not enough room in her wardrobe and had a need to deal with the waste. Upon hours of research, there was no prominent way of textile recycling at the time, and giving clothes to charities is only a temporary solution to a much bigger problem - landfill. Since then, looking for a personal solution has evolved into her life mission to properly solve the problem.

It was then that Vivify textiles was born. From day one, our vision is to reduce landfill waste from fashion or from other post consumer items through recycling. It was a rigorous search and research. Our flagship product was fabric from recycled polyester water bottles where Vivify created the I’MPOSSIBLE multi-way dress that was featured on Channel 9’s morning show.

As it evolves by customer demand, Vivify Textiles developed 3 key categories of sustainable textiles: recycled, organic, natural. The goal was to satisfy different needs in the fashion industry where fashion designers look to reduce waste, make chemical less fibre, or low water consumption fibres. To better inform and educate the consumers and designers, Vivify Textiles has partnered with Sample Room to work on “Ethical Fashion Room Podcast”. This is a free podcast to share more industry knowledge and thought leadership in the sustainable fashion space.

During the past 2.5 years, our founder Edwina has been invited to multiple events and conferences as guest speaker talking about sustainability and Sustainable Fashion. In 2016 when the business launched, Vivify Textiles was invited to Channel 9 for its breakfast “Morning” show with Sonia Krugger and David Campbell to talk about how to turn plastic bottles into cloth and textile. More recently, Vivify Textiles was invited to Global Sustainable Fashion Week Budapest 2017, Eco-Fashion Week Australia 2017, Munich Fabric Start 2018 and Australia Circular Fashion Conference 2018 as a guest speaker. In 2017, Vivify Textiles was one of the hand picked startups by Austrade (Australia Landing Pad) to expand abroad in Berlin. During its time in the program in 2018, Vivify Textiles won second place in the Munich Fabric Start Hightex Award for its sustainably made, soft hand feel Recycled Polyester Satin Chiffon.

Even though there has been so many achievements, Founder Edwina still realises her effort is only a drop in the ocean and it is still far from her vision of recycling textiles. Since 1.5 years, Edwina has been working with a group of scientists to find a better way of solving the textile issue. Fast forward to today, Vivify Textiles has grown as an Australian Sustainable Textile Startup and slowly evolving into a tech startup, focusing on the recycling technology for mixed fibre. To systematically solve this problem, Vivify is working on how to separate mixed fibres in landfill and recycle them back in the fashion supply chain. There will be more exciting news on this area to be released in the coming months.

About the Founder

Edwina Huang is an Australian Chinese immigrant who arrived to Australia at the age of 13. At her early childhood, she developed her sales skills and business sense through their family business. And that is where she realised “sales” is in her genes. After her university degree in UNSW, she strategically trained herself in a complementary domain - marketing, to structure her business acumen. Prior to starting her own business, Edwina worked for a Global FMCG company and worked on multiple business strategies, strategic sourcing, and marketing campaigns with big brands such as Nestle, Pelikan Artline, Staedtler, Pilot, ACCO etc. She brings a wealth of knowledge in Sales, Marketing, Merchandising and Logistics.