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What to do if your Recycled Polyester Chiffon gets wrinkly?

by Edwina Huang on August 01, 2022

Sometimes don't you wonder how you can remove those wrinkle from a chiffon that might be folded for a long time but can't get rid of them by simply ironing them? 

We have some tips and tricks to solve your problems, especially when it comes to using our recycled fabric products. Here are some tips you can try at home at a low cost to help you remove them from your wrinkly recycled polyester fabrics:

1. Hand wash, soak in water

2. Hang dry

3. Max 60C low heat iron + cloth in between + steaming

4. Put softener in a spray bottle mixed with water + method 3


If you have tried this and it works, please do give us your comments, and we would greatly appreciate it.