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Upcoming Logistic Changes

by Cecille Tabuena on January 10, 2018

We have some great news to share with you in regards to our upcoming latest logistic changes!

Many of you have asked us if we do ship internationally. The answer is yes!! Our currently website is in its alpha phrase where we still need a lot of improvement. However our logistic teams does help us ship to your countries as well. Please find out more about this in our FAQs section. 

In the past or currently, we understand it has been quite frustrating that our samples have been taken so long to ship around the world. And we understand our service to you still have a lot of improvement to make. But all the feedback you have shared with us, we do really listen. That is why we are working to roll out our Shenzhen warehouse to make our service better for you. 

More recently, we have been working very hard to set up the warehouse during the Christmas and holiday season. What does this means to you?

1. It means you will have a quicker and more efficient service

2. It means you can see our sample stock availability online

3. It means there will be less lead time for sample swatches and sample meterage (subject to availability)

4. It means it will be more cost effective for you to receive your samples

We are working to implement our warehouse by end of January 2018 to send samples around the world. And we are still working to have this warehouse fully operated for us so we can serve you better. Hence in the next coming months, there might be a slight disruption over in our delivery service. And we would like to apologise in advance if we have caused you any inconvenience.

Nevertheless, we still want to thank you for your patient with us and your constant feedbacks have meant so much to us. 

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by Blaine Landis on February 24, 2023

Dear admin, You always provide helpful information.