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Thinking of Turning to Sustainable Fashion? Here's How to Smoothly Transition Without Losing Business

by Apollo Theme on May 19, 2020

"While Forever 21 files for bankruptcy and other fast fashion brands suffer, "sustainability" is increasingly becoming the buzz word in the clothing industry today."- Forbes

So is Forbes actually right when they say that "fast fashion brands suffer"?

10,298 requests in our sales pipeline yell: YES!

If your concerns are:

  • expensive materials
  • uncertainty of origin
  • the fear of losing business to competition
  • the struggle of finding the right materials
  • too little choice of material types

you might wanna read on…

Dear reader,

have you experienced this scenario:

  • A customer asked if you can produce clothing with organic/ sustainable materials.
  • You were browsing the Internet and found a few suppliers. You think they might be right, but your customer wants proof of their process as well.
  • This scenario is just a symptom of an underlying problem:
  • Your customers are very often more knowledgeable than you about sustainable fashion.
  • They already did their research and their questions are mostly just tests.

Let us give you three tips, to make sure you can stand your ground and conquer the market of sustainable fashion:

Sustainable Fashion Tip #1: Be Knowledgeable About Your Suppliers

Do you know what to look for in a certificate? Can you tell a fake one from a real one with confidence?  ( This is pretty tricky! If your customers can tell and you can’t, you immediately lose them!)

Do you know all the possible factories and their owners in person?( Relationship building is essential in getting good prices)

Do you know their process and working conditions? ( You don’t want a child labor scandal, do you?)

If your answer to those questions is "no", your customer will buy from someone who knows those answers.



Sustainable Fashion Tip #2: Focus on Selling to Companies That Switch to Sustainable Fashion

You could accept them finding another manufacturer and move on, but there is one problem:

According to Forbes, searches for sustainable fashion have gone up by 66%. Yet, many manufacturers pray to companies like Forever21 or Zara to keep the standard. Unfortunately, those manufacturers will awaken to a harsh reality soon:

Zara recently announced to be 100% sustainable by 2023- and it's not the only brand going this way.

You might be asking: How can I keep up with this change? Isn’t this risky and expensive? Where do I even find the right partners for this and how do I verify the fabrics?



Sustainable Fashion Tip #3: Prepare For Sustainable Fashion the Right Way

You're right. There are many risks involved with such a massive change.

  1. You need to find the right suppliers and make sure that they keep their promises
  2. You have to find fair prices that your customers are willing to pay for
  3. You have to make sure that you get enough business to justify a switch to sustainable fashion

    The only question is: Do you have the time and expertise to do all that?

    If you don't but still don't want to miss out on the sustainability train, we’ve got you covered.

    We at Vivify Textiles are a team of passionate, sustainable fashion lovers. Because of this, we made sure to give you what we would want to have in your place:

    • The biggest selection of sustainable and organic fabrics - no need for patchwork - supplier-solutions
    • Only certified fabrics and factories- personally evaluated and tested.
    • Impress your customers by showing them all the certificates and proof they want (we send it to you in a flash!)
    • No child-labor or inhumane working conditions - better materials improve the health of producers and their families
    • Looking for digital printing? We can connect you to the best and cheapest printers (or do it for you!)
    • Cheap shipping - our years of experience and powerful partnerships get you the best price possible
    • Never try to correspond with different countries around all time-zones! We operate globally for you, talk to our representatives in your timezone
    • Try before you buy - you can order any of our hundreds of fabrics as a sample swatch or sample meter - FREE, Just pay shipping
      (short video to talk about the story - a. interview; b. human conversation)

    Sounds good? Great- but we could promise you everything, so why should you trust us?

    Well, say no more, here are our powerful guarantees to back you up:

    • Best Selection Guarantee: If you find a fabric that we don't have in our portfolio- send it to us. We will source it in a better quality or price and refund the difference in your next order!
    • Best Quality Guarantee: If our products are not the best you ever had: We refund the difference to the better one- no questions asked!

    Of course, we are not doing this only out of passion and altruism. We want to make money, just like you- in good conscience. We strongly believe that if we are everything you ever could ask for- both of us thrive in the new era of sustainable fashion. So stop playing catch-up to your competition and start getting ahead!

    Don't delay- your competition is reading this as well- and if they are clever, they are calling us right now. If you want to save yourself the trouble of sourcing, testing, organising and more: Talk to us.

    Let's get on the phone and see what we can do to help you be successful in the new sustainable fashion world.


    Yes, I want my FREE consultation on where to start 

    No thank you, I hate free samples and free calls. I rather try surviving alone without help and have no fear of my business dying.