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How to spot a fake Sustainable Certificate?

by Edwina Huang on March 21, 2020

This week, we will dive deep down on a sensitive topic about Sustainable Certificates on Materials! 

As we all know, claiming your production is sustainable is getting more and more important in the Fashion Industry. From fibre to yarns, yarns to fabric, fabric to dyed finished fabrics all the way to end garments, these sustainable certificates help us along to support companies that have the same sustainability in mind.

Unfortunately this world doesn't always have the best intension for all of us. So this month, we will show you how to spot a faky! 


Now after you have checked out this video, we hope that you have more learning about how to search for a Sustainable fabric. 

However according to recent finding, due to the increase amount of certifications, Control Union sometimes takes very long time to upload the new certifications on their portals or on Textile Exchange. Hence sometime when you really can't find the certifications on their website. There are 2 other ways you can verify the certification:

1. By emailing and send them the certification attachment, and they will be able to get back to you if these certifications are still valid. 

2. New (GRS) certification might comes with QR code. If you use your mobile to scan the QR code, it leads you to the Control Union website. It will either tells you the certification is "no longer available" or you can see the same certification via their website (which means the certification is still valid). 

So we hope that you enjoy our content and be educated enough on the certification matters! 



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by on April 15, 2023

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